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    Company Profile

Dr. Konstantin Sychev

Chief Executive Officer


He started his career as HPLC specialist in 1998, but a scientific career started in 2001 in the laboratory of V.A. Davankov. The work has been carried out in such areas as the development of novel stationary phases, elucidation of retention mechanisms, development of analytical and preparative methods with the use of HPLC & SPE.

      In 2008 he started to work as an individual entrepreneur developing commercial HPLC methods, and as the visiting lecturer and the author of the original HPLC courses. In 2018 the company Integrated BioSeparation Solutions was established.

      Konstantin is the author of more than 50 articles and 4 books on HPLC and sample preparation.  More than 500 participants from 56 companies have attended his author's HPLC courses.

Dr. Evgenia Okunskaya

Key Account Manager


Evgenia Okunskaya has worked in different Israelian life science companies and start-ups as an analytical R&D laboratory head.

     In I.B.S. she is responsible for cultivating a good working relationship with key customers and suppliers.


Dr. Vadim Davankov

Scientific Advisor


Vadim Davankov is the inventor of Chiral HPLC (1964), Nobel Prize nominee and the recipient of numerous international awards on HPLC and Chirality:


- Chirality Gold Medal (1999),
- Martin Gold Medal (2005),
- Molecular Chirality International Award (2010), 
- M. Tswett & W. Nernst Separation Science EU Award (2010).

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