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    Special Offers for HPLC Column Producers

       You can send us your HPLC column samples and get the results of HPLC column testing with use of specially developed testing methods. Your privacy is assured; all information and documents are guaranteed confidential. 

     We are able to test any type of HPLC column in any LC mode, single or mixed, and, therefore, to provide you with all essential information on your stationary phase properties, including:

-    Retention in the prevailing HPLC mode;
-    Different types of a stationary phase selectivity caused by minor contributions of additional chromatographic modes;  
-    Chemical inertness of a stationary phase; 
-    HPLC column performance and the packing stability.

       The prevailing HPLC mode could be:

- Single (RP, HILIC, IC, NP, CT, SEC);


    Test your HPLC columns! - FREE    

       You can participate in our research projects in the field of HPLC by sending us your HPLC column samples and sharing your ideas about how to exploit your stationary phases to get outstanding HPLC applications.

        We share the reports on our custom HPLC research works:

-    On the website, publishing them as articles in the online journal ‘HPLC Today’;
-    On LinkedIn on behalf of ‘ELSICO group’;
-    On Facebook on behalf of ‘ELSICO group’.

        In our research work we are focused on:

-    Exploring potentials of newer, non-conventional HPLC approaches (for example, IC-MS, mixed-mode chiral separations, CT preparative separations, etc.);
-    Investigating regularities of promising, but rarely used HPLC modes (HILIC, IC, IEX, CT, LEC);
-    Developing outstanding applications with use of mixed HPLC modes, double (RP/HILIC, RP/CT, RP/IC, HILIC/IC, NP/CT) and triple (SEC/RP/HILIC, HILIC/IC/IEX);
-    Developing bioanalytical methods for efficient separation of peptides and proteins with a focus on separation of protein isoforms.


    Participate in our HPLC research projects! - FREE    

          We are eager to apply our expert knowledge of HPLC to develop outstanding applications for your technical and advertising brochures describing your HPLC columns or HPLC equipment. 

       As a rule, applications included into a brochure aim to reveal (or to confirm) some key distinguishing features of a stationary phase under investigation.

       HPLC packing characteristics that should be confirmed with use of specially developed HPLC applications and tests may be selected from the following list:  

-    Applicability to high throughput separations; 
-    Chemical inertness (excellent peak shapes for basic/chelating compounds);
-    Stability under extreme conditions;
-    Unique packing selectivity (that cannot be provided by formally similar packings);
-    Ability for mixed-mode separations;
-    Higher retention;
-    Higher loadability (for preparative packings, polymeric stationary phases);
-    Ability to operate under softer elution conditions (it can be relevant for IC packings);
-    Higher performance (for example, for peptides); 
-    Lower column bleeding (for MS-grade packings);
-    Compatibility with gradient elution;
-    Compatibility with different organic solvents used in HPLC;
-    Usability with different detector types (UV/Vis, FLD, RID, ELSD, CD, ECD, MS).

       In addition, special information blocks aimed at helping a customer to apply the given HPLC packing in practice could be developed.

        This may include: 

-    Short HPLC training courses, basics of HPLC;
-    Instructions how to develop method with use of a given column;
-    Instructions how to transfer an HPLC method, or to scale it up;
-    HPLC tips and hints;
-    Information on the packing storage, washing and conditioning.


       We can also develop the original design for your brochure. You are always welcome!

    Preparing technical & advertising brochures    
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