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Business Consulting 
Consulting on maximizing throughput and ROI of an HPLC laboratory. Identifying and removing constraints that limit throughput of an analytical HPLC laboratory.
Assessment of economic efficiency and suitability of HPLC methods.
Consulting on marketing and sales of HPLC columns and HPLC equipment. Development of marketing strategies to promote novel HPLC columns and novel HPLC equipment.
Technical Consulting
Preparing customized technical purchase specifications for HPLC equipment tailored to the relevant analytical tasks. Selection of the most cost-effective and suitable (U)HPLC methods and state-of-art HPLC columns.
Consulting support on any analytical method transfer issues that may arise in connection with API technology transfer.
Consulting support on any issues connected with the development of novel HPLC stationary phases, their synthesis and packing technology.
Elucidation of HPLC stationary phase chromatographic properties. Finding optimal application fields of HPLC stationary phases and HPLC equipment.
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