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14 years of entrepreneurship & 25 years in R&D – that is our general background.


For 14 years we have been entrepreneurs providing cutting-edge technologies of chemical analysis for local divisions of pharma/biotech & food companies, training & consulting their R&D analytical units.

In a harsh competition we spent years to perfect technologies we used to sell and teach. In HPLC we have developed a series of disruptive industry-specific approaches as well as unparalleled courses for R&D analytical departments of big pharma/biotech & food companies.


Such well-known companies as Novartis, Sanofi, MSD, Danone, Dohler were among our customers.  

More than 500+ R&D professionals from 70+ pharmaceutical/biotech companies have attended our courses on HPLC assay development

Konstantin Sychev has earned his Ph.D. in 2004 working with Vadim A. Davankov - the world-renowned HPLC scientist, the inventor of Chiral HPLC.


Konstantin Sychev: Founder.   

Credo: Insight-based innovations.  
Expert in HPLC technology development & coaching. 
Business development. Author of courses & 4 books on HPLC. 
Background: 25 years in pharma & food industry. 14 years of entrepreneurship.



Evgenia Okunsky: Co-Founder. 
Credo: Feedback is everything.
Expert in lab management & quality management.
Background: 10 years in pharma industry.

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