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Simultaneous Isocratic Determination of Three Lipid-Lowering Drugs Using HPLC-UV

Document #030320-05. Revision 01, 03 March 2020



Rosuvastatin, Bezafibrate, Atorvastatin.

Scope of The Method

The method is intended for the isocratic determination of three lipid-lowering drugs (rosuvastatin, bezafibrate, atorvastatin) in various pharmaceutical and biological samples using simple isocratic 400 bar HPLC system with a conventional UV detector.

Minimum System Requirements
Solvent Delivery System: Isocratic HPLC pump with 400 bar upper back-pressure limit 
Detector: Single wavelength UV detector
Column Oven: Preferable to ensure retention time stability

Compartible with all HPLC systems: Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo, etc.

General Information On The Method
Elution Mode: isocratic,  Detection: UV, Actual Analysis Time: 11.0 minutes, Back-pressure: typically < 300 bar, HPLC column manufacturer: Advanced Chromatography Technologies, Scotland >>


Rosuvastatin, Bezafibrate, Atorvastatin, HPLC, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo Scientific

Figure 1. Isocratic determination of three lipid-lowering drugs. Detection: UV 215 nm + 260 nm.
1. Rosuvastatin, 2. Bezafibrate, 3. Atorvastatin.

Rosuvastatin, Bezafibrate, Atorvastatin


The method may require soft adjustment to provide an excellent result for a particular sample. Retention and separation selectivity tuning recommendations are given in the application.

        We can fine-tune method performance to meet your requirements upon request.

        We can develop the complete HPLC method based on this application upon request.

Table of contents

Description of The method  5
Name of The Method 5
Scope of The Method  5
Main Characteritics of The Method 5
Minimum System Requirements 5
Analyte(s) 6
Standard HPLC Conditions 6
Typical Chromatogram(s) 7
Suitable HPLC Column(s) 7
Quickstart Steps 8
Mobile Phase Preparation 8
Column Washing And Storage 8
Column Conditioning 8
Testing The Column Performance 8
Fine-Tuning Retention  9


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